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Why keep your parking lot lines and markings visable?

Why Stripe?

If you own a buisness such as a store front, strip mall,

apartments, industrial site or commercial buildings, then chances are you provide parking for your tenets and clients. Keeping your parking lot looking good is not only benifical for potential customers but also a saftey concern for your customers. As a property owner its your responsiabilty to maintain a properly marked parking lot for the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Legacy Pavement Services can keep your parking lot looking good as well as being properly marked per your city or county regulations. We have the proper equipment to provide line striping, curb painting, stencil work, cross walks, ADA compliant parking, and all pavement markings. New or existing parking lots are no problem for us. If your parking lot needs asphalt repairs, sealcoating, or asphalt crack repairs before line striping application - no problem - Legacy Pavement Services offers these services as well. We do it all! We are your comprehensive asphalt maintenance experts.

Maximize your Space.

New or existing parking lots, whichever the situation may be, our crew has the skills and experience to maximize your usable space. We will ensure that you're safely using every square foot of your parking stalls, and proper, visable pavement markings including handi-cap parking and crosswalks.

Better Traffic Flow.

Pavement markings such as directional arrows, fire lanes, stop lines,

and no parking zones aid in smooth, safe traffic flow through your parking lot. As a property or buisness owner, you want to provide clean, clear parking lines and instructional pavement markings for your customers. A dirty or poorly marked parking lot may result in fender benders, pedestrian injurys, and unnessessary social conflict. This could create a bad experiance for customers, and may result in avoidance of your buisness due to previous conflict or stress due to a free for all parking lot enviroment. We give peace of mind that your lot will not be a liability!

Boost Curb Appeal.

Aside from improving saftey and organization, parking lot striping plays an important role in maintaing the appearance of your building and parking lot. When a customer enters your property, their eyes are focused on your asphalt parking lot, and are looking for clear marked instructions as to how to proceed. Providing clear, clean, bright, precise lines and markings will ensure your customers that first impressions and saftey are important to the business owner of the commercial lot of the facility.

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