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Is it really necessary to maintain my asphalt?

This can be a tough question to answer. Is it necessary to change the oil in your vehicle? Probably not, the engine will still fire up and get your from point A to point B, but for how long? Longevity is the key to answering this question properly. After your asphalt is installed and compacted to perfection in your driveway or parking lot the elements of our climate start the deterioration process immediately. Lets start with a short history behind asphalt. Asphalt is bitumen, a highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum. Its primary use is in road construction where it is used as a glue or binder mixed with sand and aggregates to form asphalt concrete. Bitumen is a naturally occurring resource so over time heat, cold , ultra violet exposure and moisture begin to break down your asphalt causing it to deteriorate. Protecting your asphalt with a scheduled maintenance plan can drastically exceed the life expectancy of your Pavement surface. There are many re-surfacing products that can be applied depending on the stage or condition of your asphalt driveway. Choosing a contractor with experience in the industry is important, a responsible contractor will keep himself and his crews up to date with products and their proper application methods and procedures. Maintaining your asphalt can be pennies vs. dollars in no time if not properly cared for. Here at Legacy Pavement Services we can handle any of your asphalt needs. We are a local Nampa, Idaho company but serve surrounding areas from Caldwell to Boise and even the McCall and Cascade area of Idaho. We properly clean and prepare the surface, apply the proper crack sealing materials, and apply the highest quality sealcoating materials from our local Sealmaster supplier to ensure a proper job and a repeat customers. Private roads, parking lots, driveways, HOA sub-divisions, tennis courts, and walkways we can handle them all. Legacy Pavement Services can handle all your repair work. Asphalt patching, ADA compliant upgrades, pavement markings, curb or wheel stops, and asphalt speed bumps. Give us a call today, we service all cities in the Treasure Valley and are ready to gain new long lasting customers with our great business owners and residents of Idaho

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